3D Mink Lash

Mink eyelashes,we are mink eyelashes manfuacturer and supplier,we have a mink eyelashes factory,and wholesale mink eyelashes worldwide.

  1.False eyelashes material: 100% real mink fur.   

  2.Lifetime: top quality false eyelashes can be used for many times. 

  3.Eyelash style: We have more than 1000 types eyelashes,we can also make the style as  your demand.

  4.OEM and ODM orders are welcome. 

  5.Customers logo can be printed on the package. 

These handmade mink eyelashes produced by Gruzdien was gently brushes and harvested Siberian mink hair by cruelty-free method.These mink lashes by fur are the softest hairs in the world.They are applied individually to your lashes for the most natural, thick and elegant look that is virtually undetectable.


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  • We are the international leading producer of false eyelashes. All of our lashes are handcrafted to perfection. We have been specializing in the production of customized eyelashes since 2011. Since our inception, we have developed new, ...

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